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The SSRE Conference 2021 will take place within the framework of the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) 2021 in Geneva. There will be no separate SSRE Conference in 2021. The same applies to the pre-conference: Young researchers will be able to participate in the ERC 2021.

European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) 2021: Education and society: expectations, prescriptions, reconciliations
6 - 9 September 2021 - University of Geneva

This congress is organised by the University of Geneva and the University of Teacher Education Valais in collaboration with the EERA and the SSRE.

The submission of contributions will be possible from 1 December 2020.
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Emerging Researchers' Conference (ERC) 2021
3 - 4 September 2021 - University of Geneva
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SSRE Conference 2020
“Knowledge at the intersection of Research, Practices and Learning”
31st August to 2nd September 2020

The 2020 Annual Conference of the Swiss Society for Education Research (SSRE) invited researchers to investigate knowledge situated at the intersection of research, practice and learning in the field of education. It would appear that this type of knowledge falls into a variety of categories, such as knowledge, competencies, abilities, skills, and attitudes in research, practice and education. Linking these various types of knowledge then becomes a central issue in an ever-changing educational context and an accelerating world. Indeed, individuals, groups of individuals and institutions can demonstrate a certain form of resistance and decide a hierarchy between these different types of knowledge. If we consider the shifting, evolving and non-exhaustive nature of knowledge, there is space left for reflection, especially with regard to societal changes.

The Conference took place online.
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The Preconference was cancelled
August 31st 2020, 9am-12pm
Writing for the general public: Writing workshop for researchers

2019 congress of the Swiss Society for Education Research (SGBF) and the Swiss Society for Teacher Training (SGL): Educational processes in diverse contexts
26 to 28 June 2019, Basel, The FHNW School of Education and the University of Basel

Education involves interactions between various people and is therefore tied to specific contexts. The questions of how to foster a differentiated approach to contexts and treat educational processes within their specific contexts have become leading issues in various fields of research.
At the 2019 annual congress, input from educational methodology and the educational sciences as well as from other areas of research in the social and cultural sciences were discussed under three thematic headings:
  1. Theoretical approaches to diversity
  2. Professionalism in diverse contexts
  3. Different concepts of diversity and their impacts
Congress Delegates: Markus P. Neuenschwander, Afra Sturm, Monika Waldis, FHNW School of Education

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SSRE-Conference 2018 "Education, Politics and the State"
27 June until 29 June 2018, at the University of Zürich

The 2018 Congress of the Swiss Society for Educational Research and the Swiss Society for Teacher Training wanted to critically analyse the relations between education and politics or, rather, between education and the state and enable people to present and discuss their research results from this subject area. The starting point for our thematic focus was the increased awareness of educational issues in the public.

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SSRE Congress 2017 “Time in education and training”
26.06.-28.06.2017, University of Fribourg

Time is an essential dimension of any thought or reflection concerning education and training. Whether to define appropriate moments, an ideal length, maximum speed or adapted rhythms, time is needed, as an independent or a dependent variable, as a condition or as a consequence, as a preventive measure or as a future perspective.

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Annual Conference of SSRE 2016
Where does school stop? Transformations and shifts of educational boundaries
June 29th to July 1st, 2016, University of Lausanne

The prolonging of education in general and the development of lifelong learning have moved the traditional boundaries in education. New forms of teaching and learning are becoming part of everyday practices and relationships. Bodies of knowledge themselves are transformed or challenged through public debates about social issues. Nowadays, societal challenges, which are shaking up debates on citizenship, the use of technology and environmental issues, are also evident in school. As a consequence, the boundaries between education, everyday life and professional activity are transformed, moved and blurred.
The Annual Conference of the Swiss Society for Research in Education (SSRE) aimed to question and discuss the main challenges inherent in these changes.
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SSRE Congress 2015: Discourses on Quality and Education
29 June – 1 July 2015, PH St.Gallen

The annual conference of the Swiss Society for Research in Education (SSRE) – in cooperation with the Swiss Association for Teacher Training (SATT) – was held at the University of Teacher Education St.Gallen.
The keynote speakers addreseds the conference theme «Discourses on Quality and Education». Chair of the conference committee: Prof. Dr. Franziska Vogt, University of Teacher Education St.Gallen

Detailed programme:
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Congress SSRE 2014: Competence and Performance in Educational Research
23rd – 25th June 2014, PH Lucerne

The annual congress 2014 of the Swiss Society for Research in Education (SSRE) in Lucerne raised questions as to what the concept of competence embodies, put the possibilities and limits of competence measurement and how they relate to school and teaching evaluation as well as to the further development of the educational system up for discussion, explored the connection between competence and performance and analysed the premises, conditions and results of competence-oriented teaching at different levels of education.

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Pre-Conferences SSRE 2013 Lugano
August 21, 2013, 9:00 – 12:00 a.m.

Pre-Conference 1:
Project management for research , Pamela Alean-Kirkpatrick
The focus of the talk was on the application of project management to research projects. Therefore the contents of the talk were interspersed with short exercises in which the participants apply the ideas of project management to their own research projects.

Pre-Conference 2:
Technology-mediated informal learning in touristic spaces, Ulrike Gretzel
The preconference actively involved participants, with activities aimed at developing a collaborative understanding of the issues addressed.

Pre-Conference 3:
Apprendimento socioemotivo a scuola, Davide Antognazza
Prof. Mark Greenberg from Pennsylvania State University (Prof. Greenberg is one of the world’s leading experts in this field) explained the importance of including the emotional lives of students as one of the school’s educational goals.

Swiss Society for Research in Education (SSRE) Conference 2013:
Integrating Formal and Informal Learning
21st – 23rd August 2013, Lugano
The conference concentrated on the integration of formal and informal learning, as two complementary modes of learning by focusing on 4 main topics:
  1. Assessment and certification of informal learning, and the systemic integration of informal and formal learning in education systems.
  2. The role of digital technologies in informal learning practices and in connecting formal and informal learning.
  3. Theories and models of informal and integrative (formal + informal) learning, with specific emphasis on experiential learning and reflective practice.
  4. Informal and integrative learning for teachers and in teacher education, including reflective practice.
The conference was organized jointly by the Dipartimento Formazione e Apprendimento of the Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana (SUPSI-DFA), by the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI) and by the Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (SFIVET).


Preconference to the annual SSRE Conference:
Equality and Inequality in the Academic Career
2 July 2012, University of Berne

Access to doctoral programmes, the underlying conditions surrounding the process of writing a dissertation, as well as the anticipated, expected and actual value of a thesis are marked by uncertainty, and also inequality which affects women especially. The annual preconference of the Swiss Society for Research in Education focused on the historical, theoretical and empirical analysis of this topic.

Annual SSRE Conference 2012: “Educational Inequality and Justice: Scientific and Social Challenges”
2 - 4 July 2012, University of Berne

The topic of the SSRE (Swiss Society for Research in Education) Conference 2012 was 'Educational Inequality and Justice'. The conference focused on the relationship between education, social inequality and justice, with regard to topics such as the development of social inequality, the effects of disparate access to education, migration, social membership, gender, politics and regulations, school structures and teaching methods, curricula, teacher training and the educational and employment market, as well as the historical background and role of ideas of justice and the historical development of the inclusion-exclusion principle or past attempts at understanding injustice in the educational system. The aim of the conference was academic exchange and the discussion of educational, political and administrational as well as practical school aspects.

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Jahreskongress 2011 der SGBF, der SGL und der SGS:
Bildungsreform und Reformkritik
20. – 22. Juni 2011, Universität Basel

Dieser dreitägige, international ausgerichtete Kongress zum Thema “Bildungsreform und Reformkritik” wurde in Kooperation mit der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Lehrerinnen- und Lehrerbildung (SGL) sowie der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Soziologie (SGS) durchgeführt.

Mit internationalen Referenten und Referentinnen aus den USA und Europa sowie einem aktuellen Kongressthema hofften die Organisatoren auf reges nationales Interesse zu stossen, konstruktive Diskussionen zu führen und den einschlägigen Austausch zwischen bildungswissenschaftlichen, aber auch bildungspolitischen und bildungsadministrativen Akteuren zu fördern.

Kongressorganisation unter der Leitung von Prof. Dr. Roland Reichenbach, Forschungs- und Studienzentrum für Pädagogik, Universität Basel/Pädagogische Hochschule FHNW


Internationaler Kongress AREF 2010 / SGBF Kongress 2010
13. – 16. September 2010, Genf

Die AECSE (Association des Enseignants et des Chercheurs en Sciences de l’Education = Vereinigung der Dozierenden und Forschenden im Bereich Erziehungswissenschaft), die SGBF (Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Bildungsforschung), die ABC-Educ (Association belge des chercheurs en Education = Belgische Vereinigung der Bildungsforschenden) und die Universität Genf organisierten gemeinsam  eine internationale Tagung zum Thema Erziehungs- und Bildungsforschung, die sich an Forschende und an Unterrichtende, an Personen in der Weiterbildung sowie an Bildungsverantwortliche richtet.

Das Ziel der alle drei Jahre stattfindenden Tagung AREF war es, die neuesten Arbeiten im Bereich der frankophonen Unterrichts- und Bildungsforschung vorzustellen, die Bedeutung der Forschungsprojekte hervorzuheben und dabei gleichzeitig den aktuellen Stand der Forschungslandschaft strukturiert darzustellen.

Pre-Conference 2010
Die Pre-Conference 2010 wurde zusammen mit dem AREF-Kongress organisiert. Sie fand am 13. September 2010 an der Universität Genf statt. Das Thema war eine Übersicht über die Zeitschriften und deren wissenschaftlichen Klassifizierung sowie die Finanzierung von Forschungsprojekten und die Mobilität von jungen Forschenden innerhalb von Europa.

Detaillierte Programm:


Annual Conference 2009 of the SSRE und der SGL:
Research and development in classroom teaching and learning
June 29 to Juli 1st, 2009, University of Zurich

Education and instruction are the core tasks of school; teaching how to teach and developing instruction those of teacher education. In the last few years, international research on education and teaching, in conjunction with innovative schools and teachers, has generated essential insights into the quality of instruction that is effective for learning. At the same time, it has become clear that even the most valuable of ideas and insights cannot be anchored effectively into the system without innovative concepts of teacher education and (in-service) training and of instructional development.

The conference allowed for an exchange of findings and focal points from current research on instructional quality, and regarding concepts and research findings on more recent forms of instructional development. Questions were discussed relating to the arrangement of teaching and learning environments that enable an optimal attainment of educational goals and meet the needs of today’s children and adolescents. Moreover, a central focus was on questions concerning the broadening of the spectrum of procedures and tools for the education and training of teachers and their professionalisation.

Organisation: Universität Zürich, Pädagogisches Institut, Lehrstuhl Pädagogische Psychologie und Didaktik, Prof. Dr. K. Reusser

Further information:

Kongressband: Kongressinformation und Abstracts (PDF)

Vorkonferenz SGBF-Kongress 2009
„Meeting the editors – oder: Welche Publikationsstrategien sind effektiv?”
29. Juni 2009: 10.00 bis 13 Uhr,
ETH Zürich, Raum F1

Das Publizieren der eigenen Forschungsarbeiten stellt eine der wichtigsten Tätigkeiten einer Wissenschafterin, eines Wissenschafters dar und ist für eine wissenschaftsbezogene Laufbahn absolut zentral. Aus diesem Grund ist es relevant zu wissen, welche Anforderungen wissenschaftliche Zeitschriften stellen, welche Strategien effektiv sind für die Veröffentlichung von wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten oder wie das Prozedere und die Verfahrensschritte „Vom eigenen Text zum publizierten Beitrag“ aussehen.

Die diesjährige Vorkonferenz bot zum Thema Publizieren der eigenen Forschungsarbeiten einen Überblick und Diskussionsmöglichkeiten mit erfahrenen Wissenschafter/innen und Herausgeber/innen von Zeitschriften.

Dr. Thérèse Thévenaz-Christen, Université de Genève
Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Bildungswissenschaften (PDF)

Prof. Dr. Pierre-François Coen, Haute Ecole Pédagogique Fribourg
La revue des Hautes écoles pédagogiques et institutions assimilées de Suisse romande et du Tessin (PDF)

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Tippelt, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Zeitschrift für Pädagogik (PDF)

Prof. Dr. Bernard Schneuwly, Université de Genève
European Educational Research Journal (PDF)

Dr. Peter Tremp,Universität Zürich
Beiträge zur Lehrerbildung (PDF)

Barbara Budrich, Leverkusen Opladen
Verlag Barbara Budrich (PDF)

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