The Swiss Society for Research in Education (SSRE)
The Swiss Society for Research in Education SSRE (www.sgbf.ch) was founded in 1975 and is a member of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAGW) as well as of the European Educational Research Association (EERA).

It consists of approximately 550 members from all scientific disciplines relevant to education and pursues the goal to consolidate educational research on a national and international scientific level.

For this purpose, nationally and internationally oriented congresses are organised each year.

The theoretical and empirical research results are published within the internationally recognized trilingual journal „Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Bildungswissenschaften/Revue Suisse des Sciences de l’Education“ as well as in the book series „Explorationen“ (Peter Lang Publishing Group). In order to keep its members up-to-date, the society circulates an electronic newsletter.

The members of the society are organized in thematically focused working parties which are an important part of the scientific discourse in the society and serve to connect educational researchers, research institutions and regions.

Furthermore, the society has, for the last few years, been continuously encouraging young researchers with themes such as getting third party funding or how to publish effectively.

Presentation of the SSRE (in english, PDF)

The SSRE's President

Prof. Dr. Doris Edelmann
Pädagogische Hochschule Bern, Institut für Forschung, Entwicklung und Evaluation

The SSRE's former Presidents
  • Prof. Dr. Isabelle Milli, Université de Genève, FPSE, 2015-2019
  • Prof. Dr. Roland Reichenbach, Universität Zürich, 2012-2015
  • Prof. Dr. Katharina Maag Merki, Universität Zürich, 2009-2012
  • Matthis Behrens, Director IRDP, Neuchâtel, 2006-2009
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan C. Wolter, Direktor SKBF, 2004-2006
  • Prof. Dr. Lucien Criblez, FHA Pädagogik, 2001-2004
  • Prof. Bernard Schneuwly, Universität Genf, 1995-2001
  • Dr. Edo Poglia, Schweizerischer Wissenschaftsrat, 1989-1995
  • Prof. Pierre Furter, Universität Genf, 1985-1989
  • Prof. Fritz Oser, Universität Freiburg, 1980-1985
  • Prof. Marcel L. Goldschmid, ETH Lausanne, 1975-1980
Articles of Association and membership
Annual Report (in French and German)