Swiss Journal for educational sciences French / German

The SSRE publishes the Swiss journal for educational sciences. The triannual periodical serves as a discussion forum for researchers working in the domain of educational sciences. In enhancing the exchange of research results and in strengthening the connections between academic and non-academic institutions it contributes to the development of educational sciences. The chosen topics take into account the multiple challenges in this discipline and encourage scientific and public debate. In accepting specific international contributions the SZBW reflects the current scientific developments on an international level.


Newsletter of the SSRE German/French

To enable a successful internal communication the SSRE publishes an electronic newsletter which is edited on a regular basis by the secretariat. It keeps the members up-to-date on the board of directors, educational and scientific politics, prize competitions, promoting young researchers, continuing education and calls for papers.

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Explorations French / German

The SSRE publishes the two book series «Explorationen. Studien zur Erziehungswissenschaft» and «Exploration. Collection de la Société Suisse pour la Recherche en Education» (both: Peter Lang Publishing Group).

> Explorationen (German book series, ceased in 2019)
> Exploration (French book series, ongoing)